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The Fight For Fur Essay - 1189 Words

The Fight For Fur Not knowing what you could catch the next day is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Trapping has been in America as long as we became a county it was once a very profitable way of income and helped our economy thrive. Now many people are against it from personal beliefs of it being cruel to animals. Yet some people have it in their blood and it is a tradition for them making sure it will never die. Trapping is essential because it is an apart of our history, because it is humane and because it is a great population control task. According the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals under the page Cruel Wildlife Treatment. They state that any animal caught in a steel trap, the animal suffers for days on end trying to free themselves. Continuing on the same topic they again state that the animal once steps in the trap that the trap clamps down on the foot with excruciating pain with the animals sometime chewing their own paw off to free themselves. The lis t goes on and on about the different types of traps used and them all being inhumane causing pain and damage to the animal. I can tell you personally that this is very untrue. The article The Leg Hold Trap by Globe Mail, out of Canada which is a very large population of trappers. This article had a piece of information saying that â€Å"The snare and the cruel Conibear trap (the Conibear can be described as a body-holding trap which can kill animals by squeezing them to death)†. After thisShow MoreRelatedThe Effects of the Darfur Conflict on The Neighboring Countries, the Horn of Africa region, and U.S. Interest1413 Words   |  6 PagesThe purpose of this essay is to adequately depict the current conflict in Darfur and discuss the effects that the Darfur Conflict has had on the neighboring countries, the Horn of Africa region and U.S. interest. In addition, this essay will explore how Darfur Conflict affects global concerns. Background: Darfur is Islamic Sultanate located in the Western Region of Sudan; which is often referred to as the Horn of Africa. It’s reported to be covering one fifth of the country, and has a populousRead MoreKilling Animals982 Words   |  4 Pageskilling animals for survival since we have been evolved. Long time ago there were no rights or laws for killing a certain animals because the human population was very modest. Killings animals since the Stone Age has been done because we needed the food, fur to survive and sustain life. Nowadays we struggle to keep the animals population abroad, as many species are being extinct. This is a problem because of the global warming, and climate changing all around the world. Also how animals are being huntedRead MoreRelationship Between Native Americans And The British, French, Spanish, And Dutch1501 Words   |  7 Pagesskilled in mathematics, astrology, and astronomy. Civil interaction between the two only occurred when the Eur opeans needed something, such as gold, fur and land. Although they helped the Europeans as much as possible, with food and shelter, these Native cultures found themselves disrupted, if not destroyed, by the European’s arrival. In this essay, I hope to analyze the relationship between the Native Americans and the British, French, Spanish, and Dutch and how they affected one another. TheRead MoreComparison of How Spain, France, Britian, and America Interacted with the Natives1345 Words   |  5 PagesIn this essay, I will compare and contrast how Spain, France, England, and America viewed and interacted with Native peoples differently as they colonized North America. It is reported that roughly three hundred and fifty thousand Native Americans called the area known today as Florida home, when Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon landed his fleet of ships on the coast in the early 1500’s. As we have discussed and learned when the Native people were colonized by outsiders it was not a great day. TheRead MoreReview : New Western History1720 Words   |  7 PagesTom Nowakowski 10/16/14 HI 324 Dr. Schandler Midterm Essay #1 â€Å"New Western History† entails a fundamentally different approach to looking at the history of the American West. Whereas the old narrative deemphasized the contributions of others, the new interpretative paradigm is now more inclusive of the roles of women, minority groups, the Federal Government, corporate capitalism, urbanization, and Spain too. In addition, a new environmental narrative has emerged as well. Prior to the implementationRead MoreLiterary Analysis The Lesson774 Words   |  4 PagesCelia Kane 3/09/2012 Eng 120 Section B01 Spring 2012 Literary Analysis Essay 2 â€Å"The Lesson†: Significance of Miss Moore Taking the Children to New Environments The predominant theme in â€Å"The Lesson† composed by Toni Cade Bambara is creating an understanding to adolescents of all the opportunities life has to offer; a lesson on social class and having a choice which society you choose to live in. Miss. Moore who takes on the responsibility to educate the young ones has intentionsRead MoreRocking Infant Poor And Unlucky Travelers By Jonathon Swift955 Words   |  4 Pagesmonitoring their right to their own parliament and regulating their trade clearly benefitting the English. England had left Ireland starving and impoverished. Jonathon Swift, an author at the time, wrote several essays intending to spite the English and call the Irish to action to fight this oppression. The Irish did not respond. Terry Eagleton and Daniel Coleman’s theories prove that in his attempt to move Ireland to action Swift in actuality pacified their need to rebel again the encroaching EnglishRead MoreMy Pet Dog994 Words   |  4 PagesMy Pet Dog My buddy, pet, and wildest friend, is the muse to my descriptive essay. My bulldog, Bibson, has been with my family for 3 years now and is striking in many ways that are amazing and interesting. To properly visualize this animal, someone must first know that he is a full bred male American Bulldog and, true to the breed, is almost completely snow white. The exceptions to this are the backs of his ears, (they have light brown spots on them) his belly, (which is pink with brown spots)Read MoreThe Indian Removal Act Essay example616 Words   |  3 Pagesthe Mississippi River. Treaties The United States Government began to make treaties with the different tribes to allow them to remain on their land and guaranteed peace and the integrity of Indian territories, primarily to assure that the lucrative fur trade would continue without interruption. (Kidwell, 2010) Though the United States claimed that they believed that if the tribes could show that they were civilized Indians and they could be assimilated into the American population they would be allowedRead MoreThree Things that Changed American History: Medicine, Religion and War1085 Words   |  5 PagesNew Worlds for All Essay Disease and Medicine along with war and religion were three ways American history has changed. When the colonists came over from Europe they unknowingly changed the world forever in ways they couldnt have imagined. These effects were present to both Native Americans and Europeans. Some of these changes made life easier for both Native Americans and Europeans but some made relations worse too. And some effects wouldnt show up until it was too late. One of these significant

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Organizational Psychology Paper Psy 428 - 924 Words

Organizational Psychology Paper Shanna Brookins PSY/428 12/12/2011 Organizational Psychology Paper Introduction Organizational psychology is the study of a formal organization and how individuals and groups act within that organization; in other words, the scientific study of the workplace. The goal of organizational psychology is to help organizations function the best way possible. This is achieved by helping people understand their interactions with each other and create an environment where everyone can work together to accomplish important goals. When an organization is successful, the employees have better job satisfaction. In turn, this creates better productivity which allows products and services to be produced at a†¦show more content†¦The organizational side of I/O psychology focuses on making the most of organizational performance. This focuses on interpersonal relationships at work, how individual differences affect an organization, leadership, motivation, team and group dynamics, and organizational change and development. In addition, the organization side concentrates on job satisfaction, attitudes, and dealing with job stress such as balancing work and family (McCarthy, 1999). The Use of Research Research methods are used in I/O psychology to answer question about why employees behave the way they do. â€Å"Analyses of behavior in qualitative studies involve discussions of how people experience and feel events in their lives and can be a good means of generating hypotheses and theories of what happens in organizational settings â€Å"(Ehigie, 2005, p. 621). Qualitative methods of research are used by I/O psychologist in organizational studies. I/O psychological may use methods such as test, questionnaires, rating scales, observation, ethnography and physiological measures to answer questions about behavior (Ehigie, 2005) Observation is a research method used in I/O psychology to understand employee’s culture and behavior. There are three observational methods that may be used, simple observation, participant observation, and archival data sources .The observational technique is bestShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Psychology Paper714 Words   |   3 PagesOrganizational Psychology your name PSY/428 September 20, 2010 Marianne Narick Organizational Psychology As organizations grow and expand globally, the growing number of business competitors who provide the same services becomes greater. Organizational psychologists are a benefit to organizational success, regardless of size. Organizational Psychologists can offer fresh ideas for improvement using various methods of study and research. One important step in understanding the peopleRead MoreOrganizational Performance Essay1513 Words   |  7 Pagesalleviating stress felt by the support crewmembers. Celsey hired the Dream Teamworks to come in and assist with identifying the causes of low satisfaction and improving job satisfaction. As an organizational psychologist for Dream Teamworks I will assist Celsey as we tackle this issue. In part two of this paper I will discuss what theory/theories of employee motivation that could have been used to increase productivity and how the knowledge of human behavior, cognitive, and affect, be used to enhanceRead MoreOrganizational Development Paper999 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizational Development Paper Jane Doe PSY/428 October 24, 2011 Instructor Organizational Development Paper Organizational development is crucial to building a strong organization. Change in organizational mission, change in the economy, and change of inner structural changes can organizational mission, change in the economy, and change of inner structural changes can necessitate organizational development. When these changes occur, businesses seek outside organizationalRead MoreConsulting Firm-Gen 4802770 Words   |  12 PagesConsulting Firm Transitional Life Care (TLC) Consulting Firm is the creation of Team B. This paper summarizes the type of consulting firm and the services TLC offers. Each team member’s roles in the firm and her duties and responsibilities are described. In addition, a detailed analysis of how the content and concepts from five undergraduate core courses facilitated the analysis, development, and preparation of TLC Consulting Firm. Mission Statement Transitional Life Care Consultant Firm’s missionRead MoreMedicare Policy Analysis447966 Words   |  1792 Pages 10 ‘‘(B) be authoritative, permitting no addi- 11 tions or constraints for electronic transactions, 12 including companion guides; 13 ‘‘(C) be comprehensive, efficient and ro- 14 bust, requiring minimal augmentation by paper 15 transactions or clarification by further commu- 16 nications; ‘‘(D) enable the real-time (or near real- 18 time) determination of an individual’s financial 19 responsibility at the point of service and, to the 20 extent

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The play Bouncers by John Godber Essay Example For Students

The play Bouncers by John Godber Essay During our 6 hour workshop we explored the play Bouncers by John Godber. The play was discussed briefly; we talked about how Bouncers is similar to the world we live in today and what lessons we can be taught from Bouncers and Godber.  Still images/narration An effective still image or narration is one that is very clear to your audience. Your audience needs to understand what is going on without you as an actor doing or saying a lot. During our performance we used certain dramatic techniques such as, subtext, levels and space. Subtext from the actor/actress is a way of giving the audience a better understanding of the image, not through physical action, but through subliminal messages. For example thoughts and facial expressions. The use of levels in an image is also important they are used to show different characteristic authority. Also there is the aspect of space which is essential in a still image, because the correct use of space just simply make the image a simpler more successful piece of Drama. In the examination we had to make three still images. The scenario of the images was given to us by our teacher. The first name we were given was called the job of a bouncer. We had to show a still image of the typical bouncers job. My group showed the bouncers kicking a drunken hooligan out of pub. The use of levels was used effectively here as we had two bouncers by the door, and two of us bouncers at a lower level trying to pick the man up from the floor. This helped the bouncers by the doors presence in the image, showing them as a higher authority. For the second scenario we were given the name trouble in the club. It was different this time because my teacher included the use of narration after the audience evaluated the still image each person in the still image at a time had to come out and narrate to the audience what was going on in the image from their point of view. I felt this was particularly difficult because I had to think on the spot. My interpretation of it importance is that being able to narrate the image successfully showed that you understood the image and the cultural background that you were portraying (in this case working class). Cross cutting and editing was a test of our skills in terms of pace and academic ability of editing successfully within the group. We were given the task of choosing three scenes from bouncers then cutting and editing them into one five minute piece of Drama. We had an hour to make a 5 minute piece of Drama. These tasks made us cut out key moments in the play and bring them together to give a shortened version of Bouncers. For this is to be executed successfully, you need to pick out the key moments and link them together very well without too many pauses or stop-starts. They key is to make it flow smoothly. This keeps the audience watching at all times and stop them from switching off. I feel it mainly helped me understand the importance of the speedy pace bouncers needs to be played in. I found that the more creative you were with the cutting and editing the better the performance was as whole, my groups performance was not very good as a whole not because of the editing but we were so focused on getting that, it caused our tempo and flow to slow down. Thought tracking was a small section of the exam which came after we performed the monologues. We were asked to say out loud how the character was feeling at the instant we were told to pause. This was difficult because you had to stay in character and try to make it as natural as possible. However do not get it mixed up with naturalism. I had memorised what I was going to say, however I improvised and said what was on my mind. This helped my performance become a lot more natural and not too thought out. .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 , .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .postImageUrl , .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 , .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5:hover , .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5:visited , .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5:active { border:0!important; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5:active , .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5 .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u8aa8fbb4c9bd76df76a241a57aa746b5:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Business Ethics EssayThat would get in the way and distract me from performing it in the required manner. It helped me to understand that thought tracking is a good way of seeing what mind frame the actor is in, it shows weather the actor is just acting or seriously understand the character and the situation that the character is in, in this case a young girl getting raped. Because of the scenario the actor should be able to tell what kind of emotion that character is feeling. For an effective role-play you need to be able to devise and plan it well. This means you need to work out who is saying what and the stage positions etc. Anything too cluttered or unorganised is not appealing to your audience and can make your performance suffer. We were given 20 minutes to devise a 2 minute from a given stimulus; it was called bouncers getting ready. Although we were given a lot of time to perform a short piece, I felt that we concentrated too much on a certain scene and that affected my groups performance. I learnt work quickly and efficiently in order to give each part of the performance the attention and time its needed.

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The broadsheet article Essay Example

The broadsheet article Paper The broadsheet article is written in a very formal way. It does not include abbreviations such as doesnt or wasnt. The broadsheet article shows little emotive language, and no opinion. Once you have read the whole article, you can see that the article is divided up with all the negative points stated first and all the positive points about the camp in the later paragraphs. However this is not shown through the narration of the journalist, but through the different facts and different interviews included. The journalist has included quotations from several sources, each with different opinions. Lots of research has gone into the balanced piece of writing. The change in facts included and the impression this has on the reader is deepened by the fact that the management is commented on in the section showing good points about the camp. The article mentions that it is manages by the educational manager at Butlins, Jeffery Stone where as the tabloid only refers to the entertainment manager. This may be a factual error on either part, or both journalists could have chosen to exclude one of the managers to create a certain effect. The tabloid could be excluding the education manager to give the impression that the camp is run by some one who does not know anything about education, and the broadsheet excluding the entertainment manager to try to create the impression that it is run by a qualified education manger. In the later paragraphs of the tabloid, that journalist uses another techniques to manipulate the readers opinion. He repeats the phrase supposed to four times, This emphasises the overall effect that the camp is not really doing what it was hoped it would. We will write a custom essay sample on The broadsheet article specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The broadsheet article specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The broadsheet article specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The article also uses quotation marks to persuade the reader, By putting speech marks around field courses, it creates the impression that this is not classed as a real field trip as it is not educational. There are also other characteristics which show that this is a tabloid article. The author writes, No marks .. who waste public funds on such tomfoolery. This is written to make the reader angry about what the public funds are being spent on. The layout of the tabloid is designed in such a way as to enable it possible to have four paragraphs in the final column. The first column starts with, Full Marks, and talks about how much Butlins have benefited from the scheme. The other paragraphs which follow this all begin with, No marks. These then talk about the others involved in the scheme. By repeating, No marks so many times, it creates the impression that the whole thing was a bit of a shambles and disorganised. In the final paragraph, the journalist makes a remark which attacks the teacher, parents and local authorities involved with the project. By using the phrase, No marks it shows that he not impressed with the people involved with the scheme. Both of the articles mention Hi-di-hi, The tabloid uses it in its headline, and the broadsheet in its final paragraph, however I do not feel that they are after the same effect. When it is read in context in the tabloid article, it is one of the first emotive words used. Word order is a common technique used in tabloid writing, and by placing it first, emphasis is placed on it. The Broadsheet places this as a joke at the end, and I feel that this has no meaning or depth, but is just simply a joke added in as a small light hearted piece of humour. The newspapers are not written to rival each other. They are both targeted at different audiences. I think it is important to realise that the tabloid article was published several days before the broadsheet one, and therefore the broadsheet article journalist would have had more time to put his story together. I feel that the tabloid has written his article in the way he has and included the facts he has because he knows that he will sell more newspapers the British public loves a scandal!

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X-ray interactions with matter Essay Example

X X-ray interactions with matter Paper X-ray interactions with matter Paper This document presents the interactions of x-ray with matter. It talks about the five types of x-ray interactions with matter, photoelectric absorption, compton scattering, pair production, coherent interaction, and photodisintegration. Each of this x-ray interactions are discussed in a manner that it can be understood by the general public. This document also dwells on the various exposure factors involve in radiography. It also provides a brief discussion of the attenuation that occurs when a photon travels through the matter. X-ray is a form of Photon that is created when energetic electron interacts with matter at the atomic level. Photons end their lives when they collide with electrons and transfer their energy. Like other forms of photons, x-rays possess intrinsic energy that may be imparted to the matter they interacts with. Interaction takes place as either absorption (transfer of energy from the X-ray photon to the absorbing material) or scattering (in which the X-ray photon is â€Å"redirected† by interaction with the scattering material) (Connolly, 2007). X-ray has been used extensively in medical imaging which sometimes brings wonders to a number of people of how x-rays are able to penetrate solid objects and produce images of the internal structure. Photoelectric Absorption occurs when a photon hits the atom of matter and all of its energy is transferred to the electron which is then knocked out of its orbital. The atom becomes ionized due to the loss of an electron. The photon, which is a form of energy, completely disappears as it transfers all its energy to the electron knocking it out of the orbital. The electron is ejected from the atom by the transformation of energy from light to kinetic energy and begins to pass through the surrounding matter. The electron rapidly loses its energy and moves only a relatively short distance from its original location. The photons energy is, therefore, deposited in the matter close to the site of the photoelectric interaction (Sprawls, 2006). The energy transfer is a two-step process. The photoelectric interaction in which the photon transfers its energy to the electron is the first step. The depositing of the energy in the surrounding matter by the electron is the second step. The transfer of energy is depicted by figure 1 to figure 2. Figure 1. Before Collision Figure 2. After Collision Photoelectric interaction normally occurs with electrons that has relatively high binding energy. It is most probable when the electron binding energy is only slightly less than the energy of the photon. If the binding energy of the electron is greater than the photon then photoelectric interaction cannot occur. This is because the interaction can only occur if the photon has sufficient energy to knock and overcome the binding energy, thus removing the electron from the atom. Compton Effect Compton effect occurs when a photon hits the atom of matter and only a portion of its energy is transferred to the electron. The photon still leaves the vicinity of the interaction in a direction different from the original path of the photon. This is illustrated in figure 3. The atom also becomes ionized due to the loss of an electron. The Relativistic energy and momentum are conserved in this process1 and the scattered x-ray photon has less energy and therefore greater wavelength than the incident photon (Connolly, 2007). The photon that leaves the vicinity of the interaction may interact further with the nearby atoms until it looses all its energy or escapes the matter and goes outside.

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How Napoleon Became Emperor of France

How Napoleon Became Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte first took political power in France through a coup against the old government, but he had not instigated it: that had principally been the plotting of Sieyes. What Napoleon did was to capitalize on the situation in order to dominate the new ruling Consulate and gain control of France by creating a constitution which bound his interests to many of the most powerful people in France: the landowners. He was then able to use this to leverage his support into being declared Emperor. The passage of a leading general through the end of a revolutionary series of governments and into an emperor was not clear and could have failed, but Napoleon showed as much skill in this area of politics as he did on the battlefield. Why the Landowners Supported Napoleon The revolution had stripped the land and wealth from the churches and much of the aristocracy and sold it to landowners who were now terrified that royalists, or some sort of comprise government, would strip them of it, in turn, and restore it. There were calls for the return of the crown (small at this point, but present), and a new monarch would surely rebuild the church and aristocracy. Napoleon thus created a constitution which gave many of these landowners power, and as he said they should retain the land (and allowed them to block any movement of land), ensured that they would, in turn, support him as leader of France. Why Landowners Wanted an Emperor However, the constitution only made Napoleon First Consul for ten years, and people began to fear what would happen when Napoleon left. This allowed him to secure the nomination of the consulship for life in 1802: if Napoleon didn’t have to be replaced after a decade, land was safe for longer. Napoleon also used this period to pack more of his men into government while debasing the other structures, further increasing his support. The result was, by 1804, a ruling class which was loyal to Napoleon, but now worrying what would happen on his death, a situation exacerbated by an assassination attempt and their First Consul’s habit of leading armies (hed already nearly been killed in battle and would later wish he had been). The expelled French monarchy was still waiting outside the nation, threatening to return all ‘stolen’ property: could they ever come back, such as had happened in England? The result, enflamed by Napoleon’s propaganda and his family, was the idea that Napoleon’s government must be made hereditary so hopefully, on Napoleon’s death, an heir who thought like his father would inherit and safeguard land. Emperor of France Consequently, on May 18th, 1804, the Senate – who had all been chosen by Napoleon - passed a law making him Emperor of the French (he had rejected king as both too close to the old royal government and not ambitious enough) and his family was made hereditary heirs. A plebiscite was held, worded so that if Napoleon had no children – as he hadn’t at that point – either another Bonaparte would be selected or he could adopt an heir. The result of the vote looked convincing on paper (3.5 million for, 2500 against), but it had been massaged at all levels, such as automatically casting yes votes for everyone in the military. On December 2, 1804, the Pope was present as Napoleon was crowned: as agreed beforehand, he placed the crown on his own head. Over the next few years, the Senate and Napoleon’s Council of State dominated the government of France – which in effect meant just Napoleon – and the other bodies withered away. Although the constitution didn’t require Napoleon to have a son, he wanted one, and so divorced his first wife and married Marie-Louise of Austria. They swiftly had a son: Napoleon II, King of Rome. He would never rule France, as his father would be defeated in 1814 and 1815, and the monarchy would return but he would be forced to compromise.

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Safety management assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Safety management - Assignment Example In this case, ladder inspection checklist must be done; ladder is the safety tool used. Things that must be checked and counter checked include: the surface, level, structure, ground, working area, scaffolding, edges, hand grip, movement of equipment, manual handling, lighting, weather condition, footwear, and experience of the individual. The chance of likelihood of a falling and injury occurring must be considered. This method aids in determining which hazards must be dealt with first in the case of an injury. This is done by looking at the task ahead, the number of individuals, and the machinery to be used. Control measures must be implemented so as to increase safety and eliminate injury probability. The most effective method of controlling risk is by elimination, design substitution, redesign, and administration. The control measures must be carefully evaluated so as to avoid any potential harm (Roughton, James, and Crutchfield, 298). In every workplace, communication is an essential factor. Another essential factor is the credibility of staff as well as following of the OSHA and workplace guidelines. Safety functions management is essential in promoting the health and well being of individuals who work in risky environments. Under the first function of management, which is planning; a good manager must make valid plans. This means that the needs of the hazard workers must be considered, as well as the mission of the organization. Financial as well as the well being of the workers must be considered. This ensures that the needs of the department are met; funds are available, and time set aside to implement a specific plan all for the upholding of the organization goals. Under planning, safety rules and measures must be written down so as to enable better and safe working environment. Better management of safety comprises of organization function. The company must have a hierarchy of organization, where the CEO is active,

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Euthanasia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 7

Euthanasia - Essay Example Voluntary euthanasia occurs when the patient requests to be killed while non-voluntary euthanasia occurs when the killed patient did not consent to the killing. Assisted suicide can also be classified as euthanasia when an individual provides information and guides the patient in committing suicide. Euthanasia by action occurs when individual actions like providing lethal injection leads to the patient’s death while Euthanasia by omission occurs when the care giver withholds important care such as provision of food, water and medication thus leading to the death of the patient (Tulloch, 1999 p 34). However, for an act or omission to qualify as euthanasia, the said act or omission should be intended to cause death to the terminally ill patient. The issue of euthanasia has attracted intensive debate with proponents asserting that euthanasia should be legalized since it eliminates patient’s sufferings. The opponents of euthanasia assert that euthanasia is a rejection of the value of human life (Tulloch, 1999 p 35). Proponents of euthanasia assert that allowing people to die with dignity and avoiding the terminal illness is good in eliminating human suffering. The Beneficence argument for euthanasia claims that terminally ill patients should be prevented from dying painfully and slowly by allowing euthanasia (Buse, 2008 p 7). Continued extraordinary care will stress the immediate loved ones since it just prolongs the death of the terminally ill patient. They assert that many terminally illness patients should have the right to choose when to die and avoid the terminal suffering. According to the argument of mercy, allowing the terminally ill patients to continue suffering is inhumane and cruel. The life of terminally ill patients should be ended through lethal injection in order to avoid suffering and pain associated with the extraordinary medication (Buse, 2008 p 8). Proponents also assert

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One Direction vs 5 Seconds Of Summer Essay Example for Free

One Direction vs 5 Seconds Of Summer Essay One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer are both popular boy bands that are known across the world. 5 Seconds Of Summer is a rock / pop band , which consists of 4 Australian boys , Calum T. Hood , Luke R. Hemmings , Ashton F. Irwin , and Michael G. Clifford . One Direction is a pop band , which consists of 4 British boys and 1 Irish boy , Niall J. Horan , Zayn J. Malik , Harry E. Styles , Louis W. Tomlinson , and Liam J. Payne. One Direction was formed in 2010. While they were all competing as solo artists. At the British  X-Factor judges Nicole Sherzinger and Simon Cowell decided to put the five boys into a group. One Direction then signed with Simon Cowells record label Syco Records after being formed and finishing third in the seventh series of the show. Even though One Direction didn’t make it to the 1st Place in the group category in X-Factor , Simon signed them to a ? 2 million record contract at Syco Records . They recorded their first hit single ‘ What Makes You Beautiful ‘ which broke several records, and topped the charts of most major markets online and in stores. Sooner their album ‘ Up All Night ‘ was released in 2011 2012 including some of their hit singles like , One Thing , Gotta Be You , and What Makes You Beautiful. Then , their album ‘ Take Me Home ‘ was released in 2012 2013 and included songs like Live While We’re Young , Kiss You , and Little Things. And recently in 2013 their 3rd album ‘ Midnight Memories ‘ was released and included songs like Best Song Ever , Story Of My Life , and Diana. 5 Seconds Of Summer ( 5SOS ) was formed in Sydney in 2011. Their fan base increased  once again on Youtube , when Louis Tomlinson from One Direction posted the link to their YouTube video of their song Gotta Get Out , stating that hed been a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer for a while. The band was once again the subject of interest for One Direction following the release of their first single, Out Of My Limit, on November 19 , 2012, with Niall Horan tweeting the link to the video clip for it. On February 14 , 2013 , it was announced that 5 Seconds of Summer will be supporting One Direction on their worldwide Take Me Home tour. The tour kicked off at the O2 Arena in London on February 23 , 2013, and 5 Seconds of Summer joined One Direction for shows in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, including 7 shows at Allphones Arena in 5 Seconds of Summers home town Sydney. While on a break from the Take Me Home Tour, 5 Seconds of Summer returned home to Australia where they played a National headlining tour, with all dates selling out within minutes. On November 21, 2013, the band announced that they had signed to Capitol Records. Seconds of Summer are currently  working on their debut album. To my opinion I like the band One Direction more because they are my inspiration. I found out about them before I knew about 5 Seconds Of Summer. I even got my family to get me their tickets to their up all night tour at Madison Square Garden. I also watched their X-Factor videos in 2011. So although these two bands have a connection with each other even when they have a whole different background they will forever be in my heart. Both of these two bands have inspired me in many ways you cannot imagine.

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The Health Benefits of Exercise :: Physical Exercise Fitness Health

You know that famous saying, "You are what you eat"? Have you as the young generation of today forgotten this important rule? It is a proven fact that we are seeing more and more overweight people at younger ages. Eating too much fat not only increases the risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, it is also the major contributor to those extra pounds of fat you may have added to your figure. Engaging in an exercise program can have dramatic effects on your weight and overall well-being. Everyone knows the many benefits exercise has for the body, both mentally and physically. And research has revealed what a great impact exercising at an early age can have as you grow older. Just as an example, exercise makes your bones denser, preparing you for a fuller, more active life when you’re older. Think of it as an investment. Invest wisely in your health when young. It is never too late to start. It is always hard to save money and refrain from spending the extra dollars, yet the outcome is very rewarding. You have to go the extra mile, do what others aren’t strong enough to do. Even if you eat well, as this is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, is not good enough, you must exercise, exercise, exercise. And don’t look to pills and potions for a quick fix. No scientific data, to date, supports any of the intriguing claims of boosting performance or melting away fat. You aren’t going to obtain the look of an athlete without pouring out the sweat of an athlete. No one ever says its easy, because if it wasn’t hard then everyone would do it. You can think of the process of maintaining a healthy body to the making of wine. You first must put time and effort into growing a luscious arbor of grapes, pruning them just right. The benefits of this hard work is only seen after many years when you can finally enjoy a glass of the finest wine your sweet lips have ever tasted.

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A Critical Evaluation of The Value of Play Essay

Introduction Play has a vital role in a child’s learning and development. Each adult has their own interpretation of what play is, but play can be interpreted as, ‘children being given the opportunity to use resources and facilities provided in order to develop their skills and expand their knowledge. This can be done spontaneously through imaginative play, and using communication to enhance their independent learning. Play can also be seen as a way a child learns and develops emotionally, physically and socially. DEFINITIONS OF PLAY What is play? Play can be interpreted as, children being given the opportunity to use their imaginative skills, to learn as well as develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Play can be child initiated, or adult led, where they provided with resources and support in both situations. Play is an attitude that manifests itself in different behaviours. Gavey (1991) stated â€Å"play was a forward and backwaref 7cd movement where different levels of action, communication, and interaction are needed. It could be regarded as deeply serious and purposeful or trivial and purposeless, (Attfiled 2005). Similarly, (Molyes J) stated â€Å"play is without a doubt the most natural way children learn all over the world†. Babies and young children learn through interaction with an adult, who could be parents, siblings, other family members as well as practitioners who have responsibility of looking after the well-being of a child. However, Froebel stated, play is what children are involved with when they initiate a task and work is what they do when fulfil a task required by an adult. Bruce 2005. The role of an adult is entering a child play that is child initiated, and intervening to extend the play without interfering. Bruce Children need to play with objects and materials and resources in order for play to integrate cognitive processes and stimulate the imagination. The value of play Play is seen as the â€Å"only† way that young children learn and develop their social, physical, cognitive and emotional skills. Bruce(2005) Value of play A practitioner who understands the importance of play, offers children  freedom, where they are able to choose their own activities. * Gives a child freedom * Responsibilities * Child initiated * Adult led * Risks * Consequences Child initiated play Child initiated play can be interpreted as any activity that is started by a child to meet their personal needs and interests, Moyles J (2008). This can alos be seen as active learning, where the childis engaging in the activity they are doing. Bruner argued and put forward children require choice and should be able to make their own decisions in order to learn and develop their skills. For example in a reception class where children are of the age 4-5 years, being given the freedom of being able to choose any activity available to them and to carry out their chosen task or activity in their choice of environment can be seen as child initaitiated play. The adult has no role in the choice of play as the child has the control of what they are setting out to do. However the adult provides the child with resouces. Through child initaied play children learn to become creative through critical thinking. When having achoen an activity to arry out they start to make cnectuoins which transfroms their understanding. Howevr if a child does not understand or have the skill to carry out an activity and feels they want to, they tend to approach an adult who then supports the child by interevening. (BRUCE) the adult can then support the child by scaffolding (BRUNER) for example Similary Vygotakys stated in his theory a childs needs to be independent in order to learn, however a child still requires the adult to present to aide them when needed. For example. By allowing a child the choice of free play they are able to explore DEFINITION By investigating childen learn and are able to ask the adult questions where the adult will support them by asking open eneded question and providing them with encouragement.

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Individual Assignment Essay

Determine which level of measurement— nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio—is used in the following examples. The Association of Accountants is conducting a survey to determine the ranking of the top 100 accounting firms in the world. Ordinal How many years did it take you to earn your college degree? Ratio On a questionnaire which asks for gender, males are coded as 1 and females are coded as 2. Interval Respondents are asked to rate a list of high-tech companies as excellent, good, fair, or poor in terms of their service delivery. Ordinal Cereal brands are arranged in an ordered sequence in which an equal interval exists between each point. Interval LeBron James wears the number 23 on his jersey. Nominal The length of time it takes the winner of a marathon to cross the finish line. Ratio Students are asked to rank computer manufacturers. Interval The brand of charge card used by a customer. Nominal The pin number used to access your checking account. Nominal Which sampling method—simple random, systematic, stratified, cluster, convenience, judgment, quota, or snowball—is most appropriate for the following examples? The unemployment rate is calculated each month by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The survey consists of 50,000 households in about 2,000 counties and cities in all 50 states. Simple Random A researcher for Kraft Foods selects five states randomly, and then selects 10 supermarkets chains within each state to call for a phone survey as test markets for a new cookie. Quota A new pr oduct researcher would like to investigate the use of virtual teams. After conducting an interview with a manager, she asks for the names of other managers that use virtual teams. Convenience A news reporter asks people on the street their opinion about the president’s new bill. Snowball Jamie select Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; and San Diego, California as test markets for a new potato chip line base on her experience with these markets. Judgment A researcher instructs field interviewers to interview customers of different cell phone companies in a nearby shopping mall so that they each interview 10 AT&T, 8 T Mobile, 6 Verizon, and 4 owners of other cell phone providers. Convenience The Consumer Price Index represents a sampling of 90,000 items from 364 categories, chosen from 20,000 retail stores in 85 geographically distributed areas that are chosen to be as similar as possible. Cluster A finance professor wants to know how many MBA students would be willing to take a course in international finance this summer. She surveys students in the class she is currently teaching. Convenience Which hypothesis-testing procedure would you use in the following situations? The mean time an American family lives in a particular single-family dwelling is 11. 8 years. A sample of 100 families in the Sycamore, OK area shows the mean time living in a single family residence is 12. 7 years. Can we conclude that the time people live in Sycamore is significantly more than the national average? One Sample Z-Test A researcher would like to know if there is a significant difference in clothing purchases between full-time working women, part-time working women, and women who are homemakers. ANOVA Eighty percent of those who play the state lottery never win more than $100 in one play. A sample of 500 players was drawn and the mean winning was $125. One Sample Z-Test A drug manufacturing company conducted a survey of customers. The research question was as follows: Is there a significant relationship between packaging preference (size of the bottle purchased) and economic status? There were four packaging sizes: small, medium, large, and jumbo. Economic status was categorized as follows: lower, middle, and upper. Regression Hypothesis Test A company has 24 salespeople. The test must evaluate whether their product knowledge has improved or remained unchanged after a training program. T-test of dependent samples A computer company has a brand loyalty rating of 6. 8 on a 7 point scale. Is this company’s rating significantly different from the industry average of 6. 4? Two-tailed One Sample T-Test The manager of an office supply store wanted to determine which color folders she should discontinue based on low sales. The colors stocked were black, blue, red, green, and purple. ANOVA

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impact of tourism in Gatlinburg Essay

impact of tourism in Gatlinburg Essay impact of tourism in Gatlinburg Essay Gatlinburg is a small town located just by the entrance to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and attracts around 11 millions visitors every year (The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce, 2013). Along with activities offered in picturesque national park, like hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, cycling, ziplining, white water rafting, back country camping, trout fishing and horseback riding, Gatlinburg itself has a great deal of man-made attractions. Tourists can visit The Ripley's Museum of the Smokies, Believe It Or Not! Odditorium, Guinness World Records Museum, Hollywood Star Car Museum, Space Needle, Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway (America's largest) and Sky Lift, the only one in Tennessee Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort & Amusement Park, Wastegate Wild Bear Falls Water Park, Christ in the Smokies Museum and Gardens and Mysterious Mansion (The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce, 2013). Socio-cultural, environmental and economic impacts of tourism 1.1 Tourism impacts on society and culture a) Discuss two negative and two positive impacts that tourism could have on the society and culture of your chosen destination as a result of an influx of tourists. POSITIVE Tourism in Gatlinburg could affect local communities in positive way. First, by organising cultural events and local festivals, aimed for tourists, which also can give the local people recognition and pride of their heritage. In Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community, hundreds of talented craftspeople and artists display their works: paintings, jewelry and pottery (The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce, 2013). NEGATIVE Influx of tourists can cause overcrowding and congestion in this town with area of 10.1 square miles and 3,944 residents (United States Census Bureau, 2010). It can lead also to rise in crime. b) Suggest how these negative impacts could be minimized. Problem of overcrowding, congestion, pollution and noise can be minimized by introducing outside town car parks. Tourists are advised to leave their cars on the parking lots and use public transportation – trolleys – 8 different colored codes

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The Nominative Case - Learning Latin

The Nominative Case - Learning Latin In Latin (and many other languages) the Nominative Case (cÄ sus nÃ… minÄ tÄ «vus) is the subject case. There is nothing very tricky about it- that simply means that the Nominative form is what is used in a given sentence as a subject. When you look up a noun (in Latin noun is nÃ… men which is traditionally defined as a part of speech that names persons, places or things) in a Latin-English dictionary, the first form listed is the Nominative Singular. The same is true of pronouns, which stand in place of nouns and adjectives (modifiers of nouns and pronouns), both of which are also subject to declension. In English, some words are only used in the plural, but these are few and far between. The same is true in Latin. For the vast majority of Latin nouns, the first form you see in the dictionary is the Nominative Singular, followed by an ending for the genitive, and the gender of the noun. (Note: What you see following the initial word is slightly different for adjectives and pronouns.) Nominative Singular Example: Puella (1) Dictionary form: Puella, : The girl is good - Puella bona est. Nominative Plural and Paradigms As is true for the other cases, the Nominative Case can be used in both the singular and the plural. For puella, that plural is puellae. Traditionally, paradigms put the Nominative Case at the top. In most paradigms, the singulars are in the left column and the plurals in the right, so the Nominative Plural is the top right Latin word. Nominative Case Abbreviation Nominative is usually abbreviated Nom or NOM. Since there is no other case beginning with an n, it can be abbreviated N. Note: Neuter is also abbreviated n, but neuter is not a case, so there is no reason to be confused. Nominative Forms of Adjectives Just as the dictionary form of the noun is the Nominative Singular, so it is also for the adjectival form. Usually, the adjectives have a Nominative Singular masculine followed by either feminine and then neuter, or just neuter in words where the masculine is also the feminine form. Compare:(3) Noun: puella, -ae girl(4) Adjective: bonus, -a, um good This adjective dictionary-style entry shows that the masculine singular of the Nominative Case is bonus. The feminine singular of the Nominative Case is bona as was shown in the example about the girl (puella bona est.) An example of a third declension adjective showing the masculine/feminine form and the neuter is: (5) Finalis, -e - final Nominative With To Be Verbs If you were to use the sentence The girl is a pirate, both the words for girl and pirate would be nouns in the Nominative Singular. That sentence would be puella pirata est. Pirate is a predicate nominative. The actual sentence was puella bona est where both the noun for girl, puella, and the adjective for good, bona, were in the Nominative Singular. Good is a predicate adjective. Sources Gildersleeve, Basil Lanneau and Gonzalez Lodge. Gildersleeves Latin Grammar. Courier Corporation, 1867 (2008).  Moreland, Floyd L., and Fleischer, Rita M. Latin: An Intensive Course. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1977.Sihler, Andrew L. New Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.  Ã‚  Traupman, John C. The Bantam New College Latin English Dictionary. Third Edition. New York: Bantam Dell, 2007.

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Divorce Regulations in Great Britain Research Paper

Divorce Regulations in Great Britain - Research Paper Example One answer no doubt lies in what could be called 'the spirit of the age'. 1963 was, after all, the year in which (according to Philip Larkin) 'sexual intercourse began'. It was also the year of the so-called Profumo affair in which a Minister of the Crown admitted lying to Parliament about his relationship with a woman, and unprecedented press publicity was given to the surrounding events and rumors. (For example, another Minister was said to indulge in 'weird sexual practices' involving his appearing naked--save for a mask--at parties.) Lord Denning's exhaustive investigation into these matters (concluding that although there had indeed been orgies where guests indulged in 'sexual activities of a vile and revolting nature' and that it was true dinner had been served by a naked masked man yet there was not a 'shred of evidence' that the man in question was a Minister) did little to calm the fevered atmosphere. In the circumstances, it became increasingly difficult to believe that civ ilisation would be endangered by allowing the thousands of (often elderly and usually eminently respectable) couples living together in what came to be called 'stable illicit unions' to crush the 'empty legal shell' of an earlier marriage so that they could become in law what they had long been in fact (Castles and Flood, 1991). The massive increase in divorce associated with ...At a somewhat less lofty level, those concerned with the administration of the family justice system became preoccupied with avoiding its collapse under the apparently relentless pressure of divorce petitions. 1But even amongst those who firmly believed the ideal of marriage--in particular as a way of providing children the 'settled and harmonious life on which so much of their future happiness depends' --to be the traditional union 'for better for worse, for richer for poorer . . . till death we do part' there was concern about a lot of the hundred thousand or more people living apart from their legal spouses in stable unions to which the law denied recognition. The impossibility of legalizing such relationships against the will of an 'innocent' legal spouse denied many men and women (and in particular the children they bore) adequate social and financial protection (Ceschini, 1995).In 1951 in an attempt to meet this concern, Mrs. Eirene White had introduced a Private Member's Bill into the House of Commons, avowedly intended 'to deal with marriages in which the spouses have lived separately for seven years, but in which no hitherto recognized ground for divorce exists or in which one partner, having grounds for action, declines to take it and keeps the other partner tied against his or her will, generally for life'. The Bill did this by invoking 'a new principle, in that it looks to the breakdown of the marriage as the ground for divorce (whilst not prejudicing the right of an injured party to seek divorce under the existing matrimonial offense provisions). This was to be achieved by adding seven years' separation to the existing grounds for divorce.

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Evidence-based Practice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evidence-based Practice - Assignment Example This research will begin with the statement that PICOT refers to a formula that is designed to answer focused clinical questions concerning a given target population or a fundamental issue for nursing research. PICOT was developed to enhance the efforts of establishing an evidence-based practice in nursing. PICOT calls for continued research to improve the body of knowledge and base the current nursing practice on sound scientific research. PICOT will help to maintain the status of nursing as a professional and autonomous career. PICOT is an acronym that is used by clinicians when carrying out clinical research. This method of evidence-based clinical research promotes understanding among the researchers. The letter â€Å"p† stands for the study population. The letter â€Å"I† refers to the clinical intervention and its variables. The letter â€Å"C† is the comparison with a placebo while â€Å"O† refers to the outcome of the process after a particular inte rvention. The letter â€Å"T† refers to the time taken for an outcome of a nursing intervention can achieve an objective. In a patient with an abscess that has been recurring for six months, does prophylactic antibiotic treatment, compared to no treatment, reduce the rate of recurrence? The PICO (T) elements are; P = Patients with recurrent abscess I = Prophylactic antibiotic treatment C = No antibiotic treatment O = Decline in the high rate of recurrence of the abscess T = Six months

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Financial Crisis and Their Possible Solutions Essay

Financial Crisis and Their Possible Solutions - Essay Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that financial crisis affected most parts of the world. It began in the US after the Difficulties in the US submarine market that had rapidly rocketed and spilled all over the world. Bordo et al find that the frequency of the financial crisis is higher than the previous one and can be comparable only to the Great Depression. It had detrimental impacts on different sectors of the economy in all countries. Reinhart, Reinhart and Rogoff have, in the past years documented the effects of the banking crisis that are typically proceeding by credit booms and asset price bubbles. They note that on average 35% real drop in housing prices stretch over a to almost six years. Equity prices fall over 55% over a period of 3 years, while output in those countries fall by 9% in two years, unemployment increases by 7% in four years while an 86% debt increase based on the pre-crisis level. Many models have documented the effects of the financial crisis. Adrian and Shin, Brunnermeier have documented a thorough review of the events preceding the financial crisis in late 2007 and early 2008. They note that the seeds of financial crisis can be traced back to the low interest rates policies adopted by the Federal Reserve and other world central banks after the collapse of the technology stock bubbles. The need for the debt securities by Asian banking institutions aided in fuelling the economic crisis. Acting as financial intermediaries, banks channel funds to potential investors. Through the process of borrowing and lending, they benefit from a diversified portfolio of risk sharing. They also act as monitors (Diamond, 1984) and streamline loans to well-organized customers (Gorton and Kahn, 1994) and other vital roles in maturity transformations. This implies that in crisis, every banking institution becomes concerned. For instance, Dell Aricia and Rajan (2008) provide that banks’ grief contributes to a decline in credit and low GDP .Fur ther evidence provides that those sectors, which heavily depend on external financing, perform relatively dismal during the banking crises. These effects are stronger and severe in developing countries. In addition, the report note that over the last two decades, banking sector continues to be complex in its modes of operations. For instance, banks use various instruments to hedge risks. However, despite the complexity banks have remained sensitive to the panics and runs. Gorton (2008) note that holders of short-term liabilities feared to fund banks as they the anticipated losses in the sector could have in their securities. The recent research proposes two theories to give a tentative explanation on the causes of the bank panics and runs. One argues that panics are undesirable events caused by random withdrawals unrelated to the changes in the real economy. Bryant (1980) and Diamond and Dybig (1983) note that agents have uncertain needs that relates to consumption. If other deposit ors believe and can even further establish the slightest of evidence, then all the agents will find it rational and imperative to redeem their claims from banking institutions and will cause the panics and banks’ runs. Another theory explains that banking crises are natural outgrowth of the business cycle. An economic slump will reduce the value of the bank resources, heightening the possibility that banks are unable to meet

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What Is A Data Model Computer Science Essay

What Is A Data Model Computer Science Essay First I like to offer my special thanks for my Data Analysis and Design lecturer, Mr.Deloosha Abeysooriya International College of Business and Technology southern campus in Matara. He is the guider of my. Also another 12 student of my M11 Batch. Also I thanks to my another lecturers International College of Business and Technology southern campus in Matara.absultely I offer my faithful thanks for who help me to fulfill and success to this assignments tasks. I think this assignment will more helpful for my future targets. It will be easier to succeed because of this assignments experience. As a good a faithful student of International College of Business and technology in Matara. I request forgive for my some mistakes of this assignment if it mentioned. As your faithful student I thank all of you. Executive summary. Table of content. Introduction Task 1 Explain what is data model, Evaluate different data models explain why older data models are being replaced by new data models. What is a Data Model? Data model is a collection of concepts that can be used to describe the structure of a database And also we can define it as When constructing any database it is compulsory to have the design of the database which provides a better mechanism for accessing the data in the database. The data model provides this facility and allows the DBA (Data Base Administrator) or the users to get the required information irrespective to the internal implementation of how the data is physically stored in the database. It can be broadly distinguished into 3 main categories: High-level or conceptual data models Low level or physical data models performance or execution of model There are so many data models use with data bases. As examples: Hierarchical data modal. Network data modal. Relational data modal. Object relational data model. Object oriented data model. Hierarchical data modal. Organizers of hierarchical data in a data modal hierarchical tree structure, there is a segment of parent and child data. This structure implies that a record may be repetition of information, generally in a data segment child. The serial data records, which have a set of join him sensation values. Collect all records intense specific offer together it in record type. These record types are the same of the table in the relational data model, and individual records that are the similar of rows. To make links between these records users type the modal hierarchical parent-child relationship. This is a one-to-many mapping between the types of records. Here is a diagram for hierarchical data model. Figure Network data modal. Network data model is looks like one of developed type of hierarchical data model. Because this also have parent and child connection. And also it is developed than hierarchical data model. Also network data model using many to much relationship in data .network data model is also greater than hierarchical data model. Also network data model is like a set. The network data model details of members or specification have categorizes as set. That set can be called as record. Network data model can have one or more records types. And also these have one to many relationships. Beside that it is permitted for use one to one relationship. When we consider about the diagram given below we can understand about the network data model. Figure Relational data modal. Relational data model is one of another data model. All data and relations are organized in a table. Also there are so many different rules for table. A table is a collection of records and each record in a table contains the same fields. Values Are Atomic. The Sequence of Columns is Insignificant. Each Row is Unique. Column Values Are of the Same Kind. Each Column Has a Unique Name. The Sequence of Rows is Insignificant. The relational data model is more complex than hierarchical and network data models. Also it covers large area by gathering data in to a table. There is a relation between each other records. Here is a relational data model diagram is given below. The all records are connecting with Sales facts table. Now we can see there have some connection of other record directly or indirectly to sales facts table. Figure Object relational data model. This model is another complex and more successful one of than above data models. Also object relational data model add latest object storage abilities to the relational systems at the core of modern information systems. So it is very useful for modern information systems. Because this object relational data model currently included various binary media like as music, video, pictures. â‚ ¬Ã‚  Object relational database management systems server can implement complexes analytical and data processing operations to search and turn things complex and other multimedia.â‚ ¬Ã‚  Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  Designers can work with database structures familiar spreadsheets and definition language, while absorbing new possibilities to manage the object easily and with more performance. Here is the example for object relational data models. Figure ( Object oriented data model. This model developed by using C++, Java and smart talk object oriented programs. â‚ ¬Ã‚  A major benefit of this approach is to unite the application and development of the database to the data model smooth and linguistic environment. Because of that there are more results as like as Applications call for less code, use the more natural data modeling, and code bases easier to maintain. Because of this benefits object developers can easily write data bases with modest application without effort.â‚ ¬Ã‚  Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  Unlike an RDBMS a complex structure where data must be flattened to fit into tables or joined together from these tables to form the structure in memory, object oriented DBMS have no performance degradation to store or retrieve a web or a hierarchy of interrelated objects.â‚ ¬Ã‚  Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  This mapping one-to-one of the objects of the programming language objects to database objects has two advantages over storage approaches: it provides higher performance managemen t of objects, and allows better management of complex relationships between objects. â‚ ¬Ã‚  This makes the most suitable object DBMS to support applications such as financial systems portfolio risk analysis, applications of telecommunications services, world wide web document structures, design and manufacturing systems and patient record systems of hospital, which have complex relationships between data. Figure (

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Humans and Tails :: Anatomy Persuasive Argumentative Essays

Humans and Tails When studying the anatomy of humans in biology textbooks, many authors marvel over the complexity of the human body. Attributes such as our opposable thumbs, bipedal mobility, and cognitive abilities are extolled; however, humans are at a serious disadvantage. We lack major appendages that would aid in daily living; they could greatly improve quality of life. One such appendage is a tail; understandably, some humans have grown accustomed to their current mode of living and would shy away from any change despite its advantages. For this reason, the tail that I am about to depict is prosthetic, allowing for attachment and removal when desired. A tail would give a human numerous advantages, as long as it is constructed in such a way to allow for several functions. With the proper appendage on the distal end, it could perform as a third arm, a temporary seat, or simply an aesthetic addition. All of these functions will be explained in further detail later. In order to create a tail that is as dexterous as possible, it may be useful to study the tails of several different animals and reptiles to determine what the best structure would be. Many primates have prehensile, or grasping, tails. These are comprised of articulated linkages; they cannot rotate in all directions, preventing potential flexibility. Flexor and extensor muscles act as both the driving â€Å"motor† of the tail, and attached bones serve as a support system. Another tail type is similar to an elephant’s trunk; no bone is involved in the structure. Movement is achieved through muscle contraction, and a sheath that is similar to the composition of a tendon prevents shrinkage in the overall â€Å"tail.† Sharks demonstrate a third tail type that is very unique in structure, allowing for exceptional movement. Muscles are arranged around the vertebrae in a conical formation and are attached by three-dimensional tendons. Contraction of these muscles creates a motion that is fluid, and the tail is capable of movement in all directions. In 1994, Kevin C. Zippel, a student zoologist at Cornell University made a surprising discovery. While studying in Papua New Guinea, specifically on the island of Bougainville, he found that a remarkable lizard known as the Solomon Island skink somehow evolved a very unique tail.

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Professional School Counseling Essay

The 5 themes are character education, bullying, social-conflict, academics, and mental illness. Additionally, this paper will include important elements of school counselor identity, function and ethics. A section of the paper will give biblical values and insights related to the subject of professional school counseling. The experience of research has provided the reader with the personal reflections concerning school counseling and a discussion of the commitment to provide biblically grounded, ethical and empirically based services from the point of view of the writer. Introduction Children are in a society where the world is rapidly changing. Due to influx of social and economic changes and problems that are brewing within the homes of our students: these problems tend to spill over into the schools. The problems that are presented in the schools are escalating, when you think that things are improving. The purpose of this paper is to give some insight on the problems that professional school counselors faced in our schools. Every problematic area is not covered in this paper because it is so much research on many degrees of issues that professional counselors face. We propose that with the proper training, programs and support of the schools, counselors will be able to see a positive change. History and Development The factors leading to the development of guidance and counseling in the United States began in the 1890s with the social reform movement. Formal guidance programs using specialized textbooks did not start until the turn of the twentieth century. In 1958 the National Defense Education Act (NDEA) was enacted, providing aid to education in the United States at all levels, public and private. One of the consequences was the compulsory education movement and shortly thereafter the vocational guidance movement, which, in its early days, was concerned with guiding people into the workforce to become productive members of society. The social and political reformer Frank Parsons is often credited with being the father of the vocational guidance movement. His work with the Civic Service House led to the development of the Boston Vocation Bureau (Sandhu, 2000). Guidance and counseling in these early years were considered to be mostly vocational in nature, but as the profession advanced other personal concerns became part of the school counselor’s agenda. Introduction of Topic Professional school counselors are certified and licensed educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling that make them uniquely qualified to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs by designing, implementing, evaluating and enhancing a comprehensive school counseling program that promote and enhance student success (Sandhu, 2000). Professional school counselors are employed in elementary, middle/junior high and high schools; in district supervisory positions; and counselor education positions. Professional school counselors uphold the ethical and professional standards of ASCA and other applicable professional counseling associations, and promote the development of the school counseling program based on the following areas of the ASCA National Model: Foundation, delivery, management and accountability. Five Aspects

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Rushil Surapaneni

Computers eave led to space exploration, new designs of vehicles and other forms of transportation, increase in entertainment industry, and revolutionized medical and biological sciences to address healthcare issues. The Television ; Became commercially available in an experimental basis in the late sass, popularized greatly after World War II and has become commonplace in homes, businesses, and institutions. ; Serves in many instances as the primary vehicle for entertainment, advertising, and news. ; During the sass, television became the primary medium for molding public opinion and continues to do so today.The Telephone First patented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell and further developed by many others; the telephone was the first device in history that enabled people to talk directly with each other across large distances. ; Became indispensable to businesses, government, and households, today some the of most ; and Has are fostered whole-wheat indwell used small appliances. Inv entions as both the cellular phone and the internet are a result Of the telephone system. ; Telephone has changed our mindset to a more complex way of thinking and continues to impact us as we move into the 21st century. The Logic Behind theSelections Overall, it came down to what saw was most practical and necessary for society and the modern world to exist the way it does today. Believe that the inventions chose revolutionized the socioeconomic standing of society to the point that allowed for radical changes in thought and ideology to take place due to these inventions. See the inventions of this world allowing for society to not only grow in the present but also further advance into the future as they can be tinkered with to better optimize the potential of humankind in the long-run, whether it be technologically, socially, or economically.